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You know when you have 2 mates. And they don’t know each other. But they TOTALLY should?

Let me introduce you…🙋‍♀️

We have made some GREAT SMALL BUSINESS MATES over our 3.5 years in business.  Smart, good hearted, hard working peeps. 

We have also become mates with YOU! Equally smart, conscious and good hearted.

We have found that our Small Business Mates are in business for more than just dollars. This makes us love them even more because WE GET THAT!

We have also found that YOU LOVE businesses with strong values and a good heart. You care about the same stuff we do - people, the planet, passion and (of course) PLAY! And of course, this makes us love you more too.

See where we’re going with this….? Let me explain.

Yes, we obviously need to make a living from what we do. But it’s people and planet before profit here at STOKEDNZ. And that will never change for us. 

A lot of our small business friends share this philosophy.

We could start chatting now about the ravages of Big Industry on those things that you, us and our small business mates care about. People and the planet. 

We could talk about how unsustainable mass production is generating waste that landfill can’t cope with. About how globalisation is feeding a never-ending and increasingly impatient demand for STUFF. About how this incessant demand sees good humans, across the world working more and more hours in often crappy conditions, generally on sh*t pay. 

But we'll stop there. We’re pretty damn passionate about responsible business at STOKEDNZ and could rant for HOURS!

But we can only control what happens within our realm. This is why we CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to support small, local businesses who are really working to make a positive difference to the planet and to people.

And this is why we are EXCITED about Business for Good.

Because Business for Good (BFG) introduces you to our other Small Business Mates who might just bring some value into your life.

In fact, that’s the whole idea behind BFG….

It works like this…. 

1) We identify a problem (EG. I recently realised that my plastic clothespegs end up in LANDFILL. This is a problem. Landfill is not our friend)

2) We turn to our small business mates to find a solution (YAY - we found stainless steel pegs...let’s give them a whirl)

3) We try the stuff (HEAD BLOWS UP🤯  - stainless steel pegs are a no brainer and look waaaaayyy cooler! I’m alllll about the stainless pegs now)

4) We share our news with you. (As mates do, right? On our BFG blog)

5) You…..well, you do you. You might have been feeling a bit icky about your pegs going in landfill too and you might decide to try to fix that. Or you might just have a nosey on the website 🤷‍♂️ Perhaps even just make a mental note and park it...

This is not about sales, mates.  I guess we just see it as a way to hopefully help?

Help you with a problem you may have.

Help find friendlier alternatives and share them with you.

Help our small business mates by sharing their name with our STOKEDNZ mates.

Hope it's useful for some of you...x