02041223535 | FREE NZ SHIPPING OVER $150

But need to make money for your
PTA, club, kindy…
We’ve come up with an EPIC fundraising option and we’ve kept it super simple.
🎉 Simply sell $800 worth (9 adult towelies) - you've got 9 team mates surely? 🤣
🎉 And get 20% ($160) straight to your club…
AND if that’s not sweet enough every order also
- gets 10% off using your team discount code
- gets sent directly to the customer in compostable packaging ( yep you read that right no is is tasked with collating all of the orders and dividing them up at the end)
- A hand written note from us at STOKEDNZ.
The code can be used on ANYTHING item on our website
- throws
- Blankets
- Bathrobes
- Tea towels
- Literally anything (ex sale items)
We’ve done all the hard yards for you.
So next time Jimmy comes home with *another* fundraiser I know what I would be suggesting 😉
All we need is your team name + dates you want to fundraise and we can get you setup asap
Easy peasy 👏
Check out more fundraising info here.
📸 Katie Hoy Photographer