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STOKEDNZ NAKED - Uncovering the Inspiration behind the CHLOE Towel Poncho

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, here at STOKEDNZ we are about so much more than the hooded towels you’ll find in all sorts of fun shades and colours over in our shop. At the heart of our business we are about people. And if you have ever looked at our range and wondered who our Towelies are named after, well… here’s the thing.

I decided to start naming the Towelies after people that inspired me. And like many good humans, I get inspired not by those who have their names in lights, but by everyday people who are out there, doing it. People who look life’s challenges in the eye, straighten their shoulders and get after it. People who out there doing what lights them up.  

People like Chloe.

In this blog series, we want to introduce you to the rad humans that are the inspiration behind the names of our products. And we decided to kick things off with this low-key, humble, quietly spoken but actually kick-arse human who became the inspiration behind The Chloe Hooded Towel

Our mate Chloe started clothing business Zeenya four years ago with her business partner, Sarah and we love Zeenya because their philosophies so closely match our own here at STOKEDNZ. We love that there is another company out there that cares about people as much as we do. Zeenya is built on the philosophy of making people feel great in what they wear, creating active wear in such cheerful prints and luxurious fabrics that you quite literally get a smile out of simply pulling it on. Just like us, Zeenya are working hard to be a sustainable and environmentally conscious business, and their entire business model is built on looking after the customer first.

Of course, in addition to sharing war stories of small business ownership over coffee (or in our case, hot chocolate), Chloe just happens to be an epic human that loves to get outdoors and play. She is one of those humans that simply loves to run. This we don’t really understand, but we can totally respect. Particularly when you discover she is the kind of human that thinks running 67km along the length of Lake Taupo is a good idea. We love her sense of adventure. We love that she is the kind of person that when faced with taking the standard route or the adventurous route on a 21km race, decides to turn left for adventure, hauling herself across muddy barely marked trails with other mad humans, struggling up hill and down dale all because a mate of hers gave her the entry after deciding a 21km race was too short. When you’re the kind of human that on a whim, does such epic trail runs you struggle to even climb the curb onto the sidewalk the following day, we just know you’re the kind of human we want to spend more time around.


Meetthe Chloe.

Favourite Towelie:

The Chloe! I think colour equals fun, so when I saw the vibrant, bright, peachy orange Towelie I called dibs and it became The Chloe!

What gets you Stoked:

A good pair of leggings, an adventure to look forward to, and animals...(cue confession of almost buying a puppy a few days ago because my heart melted over a Labradoodle I found at the local pet shop).

The adventure you still talk about:

The time a few friends and I decided to run the Tarawera trail. It is over some technical and challenging terrain and I didn’t think I could do the out and back given where my training was at, so we decided to do the 15km to hot water beach and then catch the water taxi back. It had been 22 degrees when we left the carpark, but in typical New Zealand style the weather deteriorated while we were running, the rain set in and it was 11 degrees by the time we finished our run. We simply weren’t prepared for that. Then the water taxi didn’t show up. Suddenly we found ourselves stuck on the beach, woefully underprepared for the cold conditions, out of cellphone range, getting colder and colder, with no water taxi in sight. Eventually we found the Lake Warden and got him to call the water taxi but we still had a good hour in the pouring rain huddled under survival blankets together. We were freezing. When we finally got back to the cars, I stripped off under my STOKEDNZ Towel Poncho to dry off and we cranked the car heater as high as we could to try and get some warmth back into our bones. We drove to the Okere Falls store and tucked into some good food and fresh coffee and eventually warmed up enough that we could laugh about it…

The adventure on my bucket list…

I hope to tick off this year! A friend I met while doing the Inca trail in South America a few years ago and I are planning to head to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

I typically use my Towelie…

After a swim. I use it after runs, after swims. I just strip off my wet, soggy, or sweaty clothing and wear my Hooded Towel home!

I am inspired by…

I am always amazed by the stories of our customers. We run a blogon our website about our customers, who they are, what they do, what makes them happy. I love hearing about people who are out there doing what makes them happy, be it in business or just doing their hobby. I love hearing about people who love it, and get out and do it.

I am fizzing about…

The launch of our next range! It feels like it’s been a long time in the making and I am super excited to release it.

The sustainable initiative I am all about is…

Shampoo bars! I’ve just discovered theEthiquerange and I love it. It has a delicious fragrance and lathers really well (and of course, means no plastic bottle)!

My favourite place to play is…

A local running trail near where I live. It’s a techy little trail through the bush up to a trig, but the bush is just glorious. I love getting out amongst it.