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So you want a Towelie (Towel Poncho / surf towel) whatever you wanna call it 😜

But your not sure which one is for you?

At STOKEDNZ we have 3 (yes you read that right!) different weights of ponchos. All made from 100% Turkish Cotton. We refer to these as "lightweight, mid weight & winter". 



These are our super lightweight / quick drying 100% Turkish Cotton Towelie. They pack up tiny and are epic for travel. 


  • quick drying
  • absorbent - can hold up to 3 x it's weight in water.
  • good for travel
  • folds up tiny
  • Great sun protector because it's lightweight and not too hot.
  • no gross mildew smell.

Loved by: 

  • Motorhomers / van lifers because they take up hardly any space. In fact you can fit 6 adult sized Towelies rolled up in the same space of one "traditional towel".
  • Back packers / bike packers because it's so versatile and takes up so little space.
  • Surfers - because the colours are vibrant and rad.
  • Frequent travellers as they dry so quick. They can chuck them back in their suitcase in no time.
  • Camp ground users - walking to and from the showers in their Towelie. No need to carry a bunch of clothes, a towel, shampoo etc. 


  • Not as warm as the other STOKEDNZ Towelies.



Perfect if you want something a little thicker, but still want it to pack up quite small. 

Note:Mid weight Towelies are only available in Adult Medium size at this stage.




The thickest, warmest Towelie we make. Perfect for that person that is always cold, on the boat between sessions or throwing on after a spa / hot pools to walk / drive home in.


  • Super warm 500 GSM Terry Lined Towelie. (Terry lined = fluffy and warm on the inside, but sand / sticks / grass etc won't stick to the outside, handy huh?).
  • Feels more like a "traditional" towel.

Loved by:

  • Aqua Joggers love these Towelies to throw on over their togs after a swim. They tend to drive home in them and shower at home. Because of the thickness, they are kept nice and toasty for the drive.
  • Wakeboarders - the extra weight makes them really warm on the boat while waiting between sessions.
  • Me! After the hot pools this is my go to Towelie.
  • Anyone with a spa, after they jump out they can walk to the house in total comfort. 


  • Takes longer to dry
  • Takes up more space than our light and mid weight Towelies.


Hopefully this clarifies each weight of Towelie we make and who tend to love each one.

If you are still unsure about which Towelie is for you, contact us here and I will be happy to help.