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Are you restocking before Christmas? 

Sorry maaaaaaaates, but we restocked in early November. Our Towelies are HAND MADE by 2 families in Turkey (Turkish Cotton, makes sense right).


I placed my order in April while Gary & I were over in Turkey catching up with our epic Towelie making humans. Prior to going, I had meetings with my accountant where we took last years sales, added the magic accounting "growth percentage" and because I had some faith in STOKEDNZ, bumped that number up by a few thousand and our families got to work making our Towelies.

Now here we are in December (STOKEDNZ had it's second birthday just a couple of weeks ago) and we have sold more than 5 times the amount of Towelies we sold last November. I could have never have anticipated that. I did my absolute best (remember I funded STOKEDNZ from my savings, we aren't some massive multi national company). And unfortunately we have sold out of some colours and sizes, just before Christmas. I understand how incredibly frustrating that is. But I tried my best to make an informed decision and I am sorry there aren't enough Towelies to go around, right now.


In saying that, if there is one you wanted that is "sold out" on my website, check out the SALE section as we do have a couple sneaky ones. These are "not quite perfect" - being handmade, occasionally even rad towelie making humans make mistakes so they have slight imperfections.

Because we are basically all out, I am working on new ones. But we aren't magicians, these are still hand made. I anticipate these arriving in the new year.

I hope that helps clear things up & thanks for your patience.


Debs x