ADULT S - We have made these narrower and shorter than our original Towelie (M) based on your feedback. You guys asked for something a little more flattering for throwing over togs at a resort, on a cruise ship etc, not necessarily changing in. This size has also been really popular with Teens as it's wider than the GROM allowing more room for those humans to change under. 

ADULT M – The original STOKEDNZ Towelie and the MOST POPULAR SIZE. Almost a 1 size fits all kind of deal. I made this size for me… I am 165cm tall. Longer enough and wider enough for me to get changed in.

ADULT L - For our taller friends  (6 foot humans) - these beauties give you a bit more coverage, with a bit more length and enlarged arm holes to make changing just that touch bit easier.

More info on sizing can be found here.