Stella Grom
Stella Grom

Stella Grom

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Grom Towelies are made for adventurous humans. These typically fit 7-14 year olds, depending on the size of the human. GROM Towelies are a size LARGE on the size chart.

Towelies are perfect for all adventures and have been designed with functionality in mind. They are a portable changing room that dries you after activities.

 Key features

  • Made out of 100% Turkish Cotton, which means they are super absorbent.
  • They pack up tiny - great for travel
  • They dry really quickly
  • Roomy hoods
  • Short sleeves for easy changing
  • Bottom side slits for extra movement while changing
  • The more you wash these, the softer they will get.
  • Designed by STOKEDNZ here in New Zealand.

A % of each sale goes back into the Share the Stoke foundation we have set up.

Model 1 is 168cm (30 years old)

Model 2 is 152cm (12 years old) 


More info can be found here

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