NQPS - Ethan
NQPS - Ethan

NQPS - Ethan

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G day maaaaates,

As you know, our Towelies are all handmade by rad humans. However sometimes even rad humans make mistakes.

Some of our Towelies have come in, and they aren't quite perfect (NQPS - Not Quite Perfect Sale). Soooo, can you please help me save our Towelies? They aren’t a hundy percent perfect, but landfill is not our jam, nor is needlessly shipping stuff around to make slight adjustments. These Towelies typically have things like a slightly wonky pocket, stripes not lined up perfectly etc (these are hand cut & stitched by our rad humans). You may not even notice, but I have seen a lot of Towelies in my time and these ones don’t quite measure up to our high standards.

I hate waste. So, I was thinking, why not hook our STOKEDNZ pals up with a cheeky 20% off?

 For 3 reasons:

1) We know you will be forgiving
2) Most of you are quite unique individuals, just like these towelies
3)You are rad, and our towelies are rad so it’s a perfect match 😘

So, you do you, but if you haven’t yet got yourself sorted for summer, I reckon now is quite a good opportunity to. #justsaying 😉

Boring shizz 👇

Obvs by getting a sweet deal, once you receive the Towelie, you and said Towelie shall be pals for life. No returns, you will not pass go……deffo not collecting $200 either!

Model is 165cm, wearing a Medium 


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