8 Uses For A STOKEDNZ Towelie

8 Uses For A STOKEDNZ Towelie

1) The first and most obvious use for a towelie is using it as a towel after adventures.

2) Getting changed inside of after epic adventures or when in public places.

3) Wearing after a shower when you CBF getting changed

4) Cooking dinner in after you showered and you CBF'd getting changed.

5) Using as a picnic blanket on beach missions or any other missions

 6) Using as a sunshade alternative if you are like my partner and have delicate Irish skin - being cotton and super lightweight this will keep you safe while actually being cooler than some clothes.

7) A bath towel after your partner has run you an epic bath, with wine, chocolate etc (If this happens to you please let me know as I have not yet been lucky enough to experience this).

8) Wearing to the beach when you are busy wrangling kids and do not actually have any spare hands to carry a towel.