hooded beach towels for adults

Beach Ponchos

At STOKEDNZ, we take your drying game to a whole new level with our adult hooded towels aka towelies. Say hello to our easy to use towel ponchos - the ultimate blend of 100% turkish cotton that exudes comfort, style, and most importantly a fun way to stay dry this summer!

Crafted from the finest Turkish cotton, our adult hooded towels aren’t just your average towel poncho—they’re the beach poncho superheroes of drying off! Whether you’re hitting the beach, chilling by the pool, or need something for travel/water adventures, these adult towelies have got your back (literally).

30,000 people can’t be wrong, the best thing about having a towel poncho is they’re eclectic AF, ethically made and available in so many fun colours in all adult sizes. All of our adult M & L hooded towels will fit up to a size 22. Our plus size adult hooded towels are perfect for 6ft+ humans , it's the same width as a medium, but is 12cm longer .

Think of them as your trusty adventure sidekick, saving the day from those dripping-wet disasters. The only thing missing is a cape, but hey, the towel poncho look is much trendier, don’t you think?

Our towel ponchos are the MVPs of post-swim style. Want to wander around the beach feeling like a boss without the worry of your towel slipping off? Boom, the STOKEDNZ towelie’s have got you covered! No flashing people on the beach when you’re repping a towelie. 

But wait, there’s more! With the incredible absorbent power of Turkish cotton, these adult hooded towels are like giant, cozy hugs that dry quickly and fit into any bag. So, wrap yourself up and feel the Turkish cotton luxury embrace you. Trust us, drying off has never been this good!

So, whether you're a beach/adventure enthusiast, a poolside loun