At STOKEDNZ we have been making quality, functional, ETHICALLY MADE kit perfect for adventures / life since ages ago! 

Well 2017 technically...

We've since launched our luxurious home range. Think soft, cotton bath sheets, matching hand towels and deeeeeelicious blankets perfect for snuggling on the couch to watch a movie at the end of a long day.

Hey mates, I'm the founder, designer, CEO / all of the things STOKEDNZ. In 2015 I had a wee accident / brain injury that made me realise just how precious life is. That if I didn't get a tomorrow, was I, today, really doing something that made my heart sing?

Long story short, I wasn't!

I am happiest in nature, mountain biking, surfing, hiking etc and during my recovery this was the thing I missed the most. Often before / after a mountain bike ride, waterski or visit to the hot pools, I need to get changed and / or dry. I was so sick of my towel falling down while trying to get changed in between car doors. So once I was fully recovered (2 years later), with some naivety, a whole lot of dreaming and some bloody hard work, I launched STOKEDNZ....

Every product we have gone on to create has been made with all of your EPIC feedback, and a certain demographic in mind: you and me.


While I initially made the first Towelies in my spare room as the company grew (much faster than I anticipated), I no longer had time. So I flew to Turkey and meet with a bunch of people.

There were two families that I loved and we have been working with them ever since. I've hugged them, drunk numerous cups of tea and taken them many kiwi gifts to say thanks.

We now work with 3 families in Turkey and try to visit them annually.


While we're not perfect, we give a shit about the planet we are lucky enough to call home! (and we're working on it).

- We ship orders using recycled satchels.
- We don't individually wrap towelies in plastic. Instead we use one large bag inside a cardboard box and we reuse
both of these items over & over again.

- We giveaway excess packaging. f you want some, contact us.

- On the very rare occasion that an item does not meet our quality control we put it on sale as "not quite perfect".

- We also keep all off cut fabric and make "ugly towelies", hair wraps, wet bags etc .

STOKEDNZ uses 100% Turkish Cotton (unless otherwise specified, i.e a linen blend). We love cotton because it is a natural fibre and at the end of it's life, you can literally chuck it in your compost and grow new stuff. We use vegetable dyes and all of our fabric meets the Oeko-Tex Certification.

Our packaging is made out of recycled paper and printed with soy based inks.


There is nothing quite like coming face to face with your own fragility to put life into perspective (a head injury will do that). There is something about realising tomorrow is not a given that helps us to let go of our inhibitions and get after the things that set our soul on fire. This is why I started STOKEDNZ!

At our very heart, STOKEDNZ is about PEOPLE & PLANET. We aren't perfect but we are trying and we want to help make a better world! From every item sold we are able to give back to RAD charities doing good both here in New Zealand and the world.


on all NZ orders over $200


within 30 days of purchase


Women's Refuge & I am Hope