Turkish towels  are world renowned for many qualities, dare I say they are the best option for a towel in your life. Our Turkish towels are made with 100% Turkish Cotton. They’re lightweight and highly absorbent. Turkish towels can hold up to 3 x their weight. Fast drying, and compact - Making them epic for travel or living in small spaces. Our Turkish Towel is going to allow you to quickly shake off sand so that you aren’t bringing the whole bloody beach home with you! Upgrade your boring beach towel with a  STOKEDNZ premium Turkish cotton towel. They're soft, sand-resistant and don't shed or go stiff!  And they'll never leave you with annoying fluff on your clothes again! They're a perfect towel for any situation—you can use them to dry off after a shower, wrap yourself up in on the beach for a sunset, or even just lay out in the sun while reading a book. It's the best towel ever! They’re even amazing as a travel towel, roll them up and hide them in your bags as you explore the world!

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