Have you ever been super envious of your Kids Hooded Towel and wished you could have you own? Well you can friend!

We have Towel Ponchos for the family! Whether you are about to head off to the Islands, going on a cruise, surf mission, whatever. We have got you covered. Literally.

Our Signature Hooded Towels are made from 100% Luxurious Turkish Cotton, they pack up tiny, are epic for travel, dry super quick and are actually my ultimate  travel companion. I use a Towelie daily!

Places I use my Hooded Towel:

  • At the Gym
  • Has anyone else flown into Aussie in the winter, you get to the carpark and it is actually summer weather, so you need to get changed in the carpark? 🙋 I have. So that’s exactly what I do, inside my Towelie.
  • After a shower, I like to chill in my Towelie for a bit.
  • Post hot pools, I typically throw a Hooded Towel on and drive home in it.
  • In my Tiny House, because 2 regular towels take up the same amount of space as 6 Hooded Towels! Anything to save space in a Tiny House / Motorhome etc is a game changer.
  • Pre / post surf, especially if you have to walk a little to get to a better spot.
  • In the car park after mountain biking, so I can change into fresh clothes before heading home.
  • Camping, when I wander to the shower, means I can get changed in my tent, not accidently drop all of the clothes on the gross wet floor.
  • And so many more! 

Uses for a Hooded Towel:

  • I love the functionality of our Hooded Towel Ponchos. As you know, I designed them to work as both a towel + large enough to be a portable changing room. 
  • I use the integrated hood for drying my hair, which means I don’t need a separate towel / takes us less space in my bag. 
  • Dressing gown / Robe - 100% natural, and super soft against your skin.

 Fun Facts about our STOKEDNZ Towelies:

  • Our Terry Lined Hooded Towels have a smooth, flat finish with a fluffy, soft lining. Making them super snuggly, and warm for in between wake board sessions on the boat, running from the house to the spa etc. 
  • The Cotton is breathable, prevents sweat and feels super soft against your skin.
  • The safe Oeko Tex certified vegetable textile dye retains its colour for longer and means this Hooded Towel is  100% made by nature.
  • They are all 100% unisex! We have  all ages, genders, shapes and sizes LOVE our Ponchos.
  • They have a kangaroo pocket, perfect for stashing valuables, undies, beers, whatever you need.
  • Our most popular traditional Turkish Cotton Hooded Towels  are lightweight and are the perfect sun / wind protection layer while you remain cosy and dry. Because of this and the fact you can wear them, many of our customers chuck on their Hooded Towel before they head to the beach.

✅ Sun safe

✅ 1 less thing to carry

✅ Have your arms free for carrying the small humans, surf board, beer , whatever it is you carry to the beach!

Our Hooded Towels are just a towel, so use them anywhere you would use a regular towel.

Want to give it a try? We have just restocked all of our favourites + released some BRAND NEW colours.

Check them out here