G day maaaaaaates
How is it going?
If you’ve been following our travels around Turkey you would have seen the many quality control checks our towels and towelies go through before they get to us. Well, mates you are in for a treat!
We've got some not quite perfect towels and they too need a loving home. They will be epic adventure companions.. Their flaws are minor and you may not even notice them.
These towels didn't quite make the cut to be the towelie they always dreamed of 🤣 but they will make epic towels.
We thought we'd have some fun and make these DEALS a MYSTERY 🎉 so who even knows what colour you are going to get. All Towels are $20 OFF, (which is huge by our standards).
They are a mix of current colours, old colours and a few sample options we never put into production. Just like oldmate Forest said "like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you're going to get"
* T&C's - because these are on sale, they are non refundable.
* Discount codes can not be used as they are already on sale.
There are a limited number and once they are gone they are gone 😘😘