How our courier bags can feed your garden......

How our courier bags can feed your garden......
We wanted to find the ABSOLUTE MOST planet-friendly courier bags possible to ship towelies and throws safely across NZ and the world.
Plastic sucks, we all know that.
And heaaapps of courier bags are plastic because, like it or not - plastic actually does a really good of protecting things in transit - particularly fabric items like cotton.  
But it was no brainer for us that we find a better solution than that - we wanted to send our orders out in something that was super easy to dispose of responsibly and that left minimal impact on our planet.
And so it began..... The Search.  Which took quite a while 😂
While researching the options 🧐 (and there were soooo many options) something blew our heads up....
When we read the fine print and asked some questions, we discovered that most supposed eco-friendly bags still contained elements of traditional plastic, meaning they still couldn't fully break down to an earth friendly material. And this was despite being referred to as eco-bags or marketed as an environmentally friendly option.
So we kept on searching 👀
Then we found these babies 😎 from GoSweetSpot...
We ♥♥ these bags because...
🌿 they are made completely from materials derived from PLANT
MATTER (even the inks are either soy or water based)
🌿 they are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y and strong 💪, waaaay more so than usual
🌿 they can be easily disposed of on your HOME COMPOST heap or
worm farm where it takes just 180 days (approx) to turn into....
🌿 PLANT FOOD! These bags biodegrade in your compost system fully
into a material that you can return to earth as a soil enhancer
We're not scientists mates, but this all sounds pretty good?!  Plus I have given these a whirl on my own compost at home and YES, they do actually fully decompose.
Just cut off any sticky labels (they don't break down - we're working on that) and while you have the scissors out, cut the bag up into smaller pieces (it'll break down even faster).  Add it to your compost pile as part of your carbon layer and boom - in about a month or so (depending on what compost system you are using), it'll be gone!
The resulting material can be returned to your garden as a mega soil booster - saving you $$ on store bought compost (which comes in a big ole non compostable plastic bag most of the time 😳)
If you want to compost but haven't quite got your head around your own system, have a look on Sharewaste - it's a cool website where people who are composting and people to want to but aren't can work together to pool resources, preventing unecessary waste heading to landfill.
It sounds scary, but it's not hard to get a simple system going.  I think we'll chat more about this soon because it's kinda cool and really, if we all look after own waste - imagine what that might do for our planet 🌍🌍