This crazy human has an insatiable thirst for epic adventures and testing her limits, but we like her mostly because she is super passionate about other people and tends to match ridiculous adventures with initiatives to give others a hand up in life. Currently preparing to traverse from one side of China to the other in the middle of winter on her bicycle to raise awareness and dollars for awesome charity World Bicycle Relief. We are all about people who are out there, doing epic adventures and living out our values #wegiveashit


My towelie of choice… how do you choose? But you can be sure I will find space in my panniers to take my towelie across China. I have a feeling I’ll be needing to get changed in some odd places!


I'm inspired by... the experiences and people I have met on my travels. Some of the things you see, some of the people you meet, they leave an indelible mark on your soul. Once you have talked to people, sat at their tables, shared a meal and heard their stories, you can’t help but be changed a bit. Some of my adventures have completely reshaped my understanding of the world.


Values I live by... be brave. Do things that you’re not quite sure you are capable of. Surround yourself with good people who encourage and support you, but will also call you out on your *bs when necessary. Give back, life is not about you. Play the long game. Ask questions. Figure stuff out. Listen.

I can't resist... French patisserie. There is nothing quite like a proper croissant paired with a strong espresso. It is probably just as well I live in New Zealand and far from daily temptation!


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 Cycling 6000km across one of the largest countries in the world in the middle of winter for charity. Epic.