Leonard is the kind of human that just loves to get outdoors and get stoked. While he froths on kiteboarding and mountain biking, this guy is up for any epic adventure that gets him out into the wilderness and is equally comfortable on snow, water, or land! Currently based in Rotorua, New Zealand, the home of STOKEDNZ.

My towelie of choice... any of them! Way too many products are made using damaging/wasteful materials and manufacturing processes with people trading unfairly. I love the environmental and ethical values of STOKEDNZ.


I'm inspired when... when ordinary people go out and do something out of the ordinary. Particularly if it’s some epic adventure out in the wilderness or an environmental achievement. Seeing other epic humans get out there gets me stoked and motivated to get out and do something epic myself.


Values I live by... living life to the fullest. Living life like every day might be your last but at the same time being conscious, treating other people and the environment with kindness and respect.


I can't resist... a simple banana split filled with chocolate and cooked on an open fire!


Follow me on... Instagram @leonardsonntag and Facebook @leonardsonntag


See why we love Leonard!?! Getting out there. Getting Stoked.