New kid on the Block...Dock


Clare Wilson reckons she's on a mission to "want less, do more and be better".

Even better, she's built her business, Block Dock, on the very same philosphy...

Clare wants to bring us all MAXIMUM JOY from using solid personal care bars. She's even paired up with some of NZ's premium artisan makers of epic body and hair care to make it easy for you to choose the best bar for you.  But the actual Block Dock itself is the winner here...

These clever wee bar holders are made from 100% recyclable aluminium, are powder coated for protection and have mega sucky suckers to securely attached themselves to your tiles/sink/shower wall. Choose your fave colour from their epic range or stick with the classic aluminium look. Either way, they're gonna rock your bathroom/kitchen/laundry.....

Wee behind the scenes for you... if you ever go to Debs' house, you will find these epic little Block Docks stuck to every sink and shower (well, there's only one shower but I'm pretty sure there's a couple of them in there 😂) Each one snugly holds a wee bar of soap or shampoo. No mess, no sludge, planet friendly 🎉

See it's no secret that solid bar alternatives to liquid soaps, shampoos etc are kinder to our waterways, last longer and are usually made from more human friendly ingredients.

And we're MASSIVE fans of them.

Especially when you consider that around 120 BILLION UNITS of packaging (much of it plastic) is produced every year by the beauty industry 😳. Much of that (around 70%) ends up in landfill. Sheesh. 

That's some big ole piles of rubbish I'm seeing in my head right now....👀

BUT, you know - back to the bars (which sound like a bloody good alternative after visualising that plastic mountain). They're not perfect. They can get a bit messy after a while. And it's not unusual for us to bin a bar as we near the end of it because, weeeelll - it can get a bit yukky.

Enter Clare and her epic Block Dock 😄

Her ingenious wee aluminium bar holder suckers like mad to your surface (tiles, sink, shower wall) giving you the perfect storage spot for your bars!

Perfect why? Because the nifty wee design allows aaalllll the water to drain away allowing your bar to dry out fully between uses. Meaning.....No.  More. Sludge. 

Literally every time you use your bar, it's dry and (almost) like new.

So we wanted to share this cool hack with you.  

And now, there's no excuses for not giving a solid bar or two a real go...

👉 They reduce plastic packaging waste - most come wrapped in 100% compostable paper/cardboard.

👉 They usually are made using less chemicals and additives than liquid soaps, making them waaaay kinder to humans

👉 They last heeeaps longer than liquid alternatives, making them more cost effective for you

👉 Investing in a Block Dock ensures you have a sludge free bar right til the last use!  Plus, it looks kinda funky with all the different colours to choose from.

Business for Good is about introducing you to simple solutions for reducing your environmental footprint.  We can ALL do better and make smarter choices. One small change today could make all the difference tomorrow.