Summer? Sorted 👍 with SolZinc and STOKEDNZ!

SolZinc and STOKEDNZ zinc

We've teamed up with the epic Coromandel based Solzinc to bring you a totally natural, feel-good sun protection solution when you spend $170 or more on your STOKEDNZ order!

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Solzinc protects your skin AND the ocean we all love to play in.

Toxins from regular sunscreens leach into the ocean and affect marine life and reefs, which (I'm sure you'll agree) is not epic. But, we can't really compromise on sun safety either though🙄. NO NEED MATES!

Solzinc came up with this fantastic range of products and now that dilemma is not a thing! 

This is all I use in the water and I can fully, 100% recommend it. 

Here's why I LOVE the Solzinc range...

👉 It’s totally Reef safe! Yep so when I swam with the turtles in Rarotonga last year, no coral reefs were harmed by my swimming 😍.
👉 It’s made with all natural ingredients
👉 It actually works
👉 No plastic in the packaging
👉 Made in NZ for NZ sun 

Try it for yourself and see for free when you order in week 2 of STOKEDNZ's Birthday Month!

(PS Let me know if you'd prefer a kids or a regular one when you place your order 😁)

 *Offer valid for orders placed 9-15 November. Minimum spend $170.