Plus Size Adult Hooded Towels

Did you know that our hooded towel poncho size range is one of the most inclusive ranges on the NZ & Australian market. Here at STOKEDNZ we feel all bodies deserve to feel fabulous. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same! 

Debs designed our hooded towels to be a portable change room & towel all in one, our adult M & L hooded towels will fit up to a size 22 - making them very popular with our plus size friends. Adult L is for 6ft+ humans , it's the same width as a medium, but is 12cm longer . 

Our hooded towels are 100% Turkish cotton, being a natural fibre they are cool to wear without getting stuffy. Fold up small, Sand free, super absorbent and lightweight. 

My beautiful plus size peeps are you ready to step up your post shower or swim game with me? Also FYI these hooded towels are not just for after swims or shower's. They are super comfy for chilling at home, gardening, super handy at campsites for walking to and from amenities!