Looking for your new favourite dressing gown? 

Experience the insane deliciousness of 100% Turkish Cotton with a luxurious waffle weave. It's lightweight, warm and super absorbent.

Perfect for slipping into after a swim to drive home in. Or lounge and relax in maximum comfort at home......



55 47 56 128 105 178


58 50 58 140 119 180


62 53 60 144 124 182


Chest - is the measurement across the chest, below the arm pit.

Shoulder - Is the measurement across the shoulder to the hem.

Sleeve - Is the measurement from the hem to the edge of the sleeve.

Sweep - Is the measurement edge-edge along the bottom of the robes hem.

Length - Is measured from the collar down to the bottom hem.

So bathrobes.... A little more info about the things we took into consideration while designing them 👇
One afternoon, I got a call from an active aqua jogger in her 70s who LOVED Towelies and was fizzing on our Turkish cotton. But, she struggled with getting a Towelie over her head...
"If only you had a bathrobe or something easier to throw on and drive home in, Debs...I'm not as flexible as I used to be! Me and the girls at aqua would love something like that..." she said.
Give it another few weeks and we got similar feedback again. It got me thinking 🤔 can we cater to our epic pals with mobility issues? Why should they miss out on all the Turkish cotton goodness after a swim/bath/aqua jogging session?
And that is how our waffle robes were born, mates.
Factoring in extra room for our pals at home who aren't as flexible as they used to be.
To ensure that our mates with Parkinsons, recovering from strokes or with mobility issues don't miss out on the joy of slipping into some Turkish cotton deliciousness and getting warm, dry and cosy after swims or at home.
⁠Our gorgeous waffle bathrobes are EASY PEASY PULL ON = no more struggling to negotiate arm and head holes when the old shoulders don't work like they used to 😳 .⁠
Aaaand we've made a nice big thick belt, no zips or fiddly bits - making it easier to tie up when the old hands and fingers don't work like they used to 😫 .
These bathrobes were designed after literally HOURS chatting to our beautiful customers on the phone, listening to what THEY NEEDED to make life easier for them. It feels soooo good to be a small business and be in a position to make exactly what you guys need 🙌

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