Meet our amazing brand ambassadors! They are super passionate, driven, and inspire us daily.  We share similar values and this excites us a lot. 

Give them a follow on social and get inspired by this group of humans who are out there chasing the stoke, doing what lights them up and creating epic adventures. 


This crazy human has an insatiable thirst for epic adventures, but we like her mostly because she is super passionate about other people and tends to match ridiculous adventures with initiatives to give others a hand up in life. She has just finished riding one across China in the middle of winter on her bicycle to raise awareness and dollars for awesome charity World Bicycle Relief.

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We love Morgan because she is all about surrounding herself with awesome humans, stepping outside her comfort zone, landing new tricks, epic adventures, breathtaking views, challenges, being outside, and hanging out with friends and family. Currently based in North Carolina, USA, Morgan is #sharingthestoke as a wakeboarding coach at Shred the Gnar. This girl is what we are all about.

My towelie of choice... the Alina towelie. I'm in and out of the water A LOT, and use hoodie towels all the time, and the STOKEDNZ towelies are the coolest by far!!

I'm inspired by... Sir Edmund Hillary, his absolute love for adventure, and especially the difference he has made in the lives of the people and communities in the Himalayas. In a recent trip there, I was able to see first hand the impact he has had on the lives of so many, and the impact he has had on the world. Sir Ed is an exceptional example of how kindness and hard work makes the world a better place for everyone.

Values I live by... being kind to everyone. Have courage. Believing in myself. Work hard at work worth doing. Play hard. Chase dreams and goals to make them my reality. Create my own success. Take opportunities that come my way. Give back more than you took. Look after our bodies and the earth - we only get one of each! Talk to (safe) strangers - they have their own interesting story! Be different, unique and diverse. 

I can't resist... NZ Whittakers Milk Chocolate after a sunny calm day on the water with my favourite humans and dog, and a jam session with my dad :)

Follow me on... Instagram @morganhaakma and Facebook @morganhaakmawakeboarder

See why we love Morgan!?! What an epic human.


Oliva is the kind of human that looks in the face of adversity and doesn’t blink. Comfortable on all forms of bicycles, this girl goes particularly fast when it comes to wearing the silver fern and ripping around in circles on the boards. But being a kiwi chick, she gets stoked on sitting out in the surf, away from all the rigors of daily training and watching the sun come up. Hailing from Christchurch, this epic human is currently based in Cambridge, New Zealand, training with the national track cycling team.


My towelie of choice... The Liv! Of course.

I'm inspired by... those who are passionate about what they want to achieve in life and are also getting out there and getting after it. Seeing other humans doing whatever it is that lights them up. It helps me to keep motivated and reminds me to branch out, try new things and get out of my comfort zone.

Values I live by... ‘Character. Excellence/. Service for the glory of God’ – this was part of the mission statement of the school I went to and it’s something I continue to hold to.

I can't resist... anything fast, fatty & fabulous.

Follow me on... Instagram @liv_podmore and Facebook @OlivaPodmoreCyclist

See why we love Liv!?! Doing what lights her up. Epic.


Leonard is the kind of human that just loves to get outdoors and get stoked. While he froths on kiteboarding and mountain biking, this guy is up for any epic adventure that gets him out into the wilderness and is equally comfortable on snow, water, or land! Currently based in Rotorua, New Zealand, the home of STOKEDNZ.

My towelie of choice... any of them! Way too many products are made using damaging/wasteful materials and manufacturing processes with people trading unfairly. I love the environmental and ethical values of STOKEDNZ.

I'm inspired when... when ordinary people go out and do something out of the ordinary. Particularly if it’s some epic adventure out in the wilderness or an environmental achievement. Seeing other epic humans get out there gets me stoked and motivated to get out and do something epic myself.


Values I live by... living life to the fullest. Living life like every day might be your last but at the same time being conscious, treating other people and the environment with kindness and respect.

I can't resist... a simple banana split filled with chocolate and cooked on an open fire!


Follow me on... Instagram @leonardsonntag and Facebook @leonardsonntag


See why we love Leonard!?! Getting out there. Getting Stoked.


"I am sooooo happy (Stoked!!) with it. Bought one for my daughter at Pauanui markets in Jan and she's 'living in it' at Perth so I ordered one for me. Went to bach this weekend and happily got changed after swim into dry togs. I'm 55 and I was excited with this purchase. Thanks!


Amazing service and delivery - and a great product. Proud to be a kiwi with products like this on the market :)



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