MUK MATS - Shipped from Rotorua New Zealand

We're huge lovers of Muk Mats!
Originally designed for after surfing (to stand on the mat while you change out of your wetsuit and into dry clothes) the muk mat allows you to get all of the sand / grit off your feet and leave the beach where it belongs!

They're also LOVED by campers / van lifers and the motorhoming community. So much so, that they've made a range of mats to suit the average caravan. Including the "step", "pull out step" and then either the original or extra large is my go to muk mat for outside of the van.

Muk Mats are so good, your pets will likely decide to sleep on them. They feel really soft on your feet and because of this, Muk Mat have designed the "home" mats in the sublte light grey colour.

We're stoked to stock the entire muk mat range and send these epic mats from our Rotorua warehouse.

Muk Mats are Australian made, have over 1000 epic reviews and are fast becoming Australia's mat of choice for all adventures!