Tree Ready Gifting - less hassle, more efficient.

Tree Ready Gifting - less hassle, more efficient.

Christmas shopping. You know the drill.

Browse possible gifts for Human A. Shop around for alternatives. Come back to original choice. Double check once last time this is definitely The One. Finally purchase - yay! Get item. Wrap item. Package up item for posting. Go to post shop. Fill out customs label. Practice deep breathing when cost of postage is revealed. Pay said charges. Leave post shop, dazed but triumphant.

Repeat for humans B, C and D 😱🤦‍♀️

Phew. Ok, maybe this is just my experience but I'm sure I'm not alone. 

Posting pressies (especially internationally) is a whole operation by itself, in addition to the whole gift finding exercise!

Let us help take a bit of the hassle out for you AND work smarter by wrapping and dispatching your pressies direct from STOKEDNZ HQ.  We'll make sure your STOKEDNZ gift is Tree Ready and lovingly gift wrapped before we post on your behalf, direct to your lucky loved one.

All ready to pop under the tree at the other end. 

Dispatching your gift direct from HQ cuts out the middle-man (sorry, that's you 😃). It cuts out the mailing from us to you, only for you to unwrap, rewrap and then put the same item back into the mail system.  We all need to be considering ways we can minimise our impact, especially at this time of year. Here's a great way to do just that - which benefits you, our overloaded couriers and our planet.

All of our festive wrapping is completed responsibly, using sustainable packing options and just enough materials, nothing to excess.

Soooo, if you order a gift - let us know it needs to be TREE READY and we'll have you sorted!